Mostafijur Ruman

Mostafijur Ruman (Bengali: মোস্তাফিজুর রুমান;born 25 May 2003) is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Entrepreneur, Programmer, Influencer & Internet personality Who is Mostly known as a Programmer rather than Musician. He was born in Chuadanga.


I am a musician since 2018. I started my music journey with a own small studio. I was released many song. Actually songs means instrumental sound. My first instrumental sound released in 2021 on international music platform like spotify, iTunes, Deezer etc.


I am a Programmer since 2015. I know Python,C,C++ amd Java script.

Web Developer

I am a Web Developer since 2016. I know html, css amd java script. I have develop many website for my clients.

My Projects

Make Music , Web Development , Programing, Digital Marketing , Entrepreneurship , Graphic Design , Social Influencer

Mostafijur Ruman

Mostafijur Ruman

Musician | Programmer | Entrepreneur